About Waves World

What is it?

All of these images were created with Metatool's KPT Bryce and Waves World:

Sunset on a Sandy Beach Sunset on Atcitty Reservoir Rocky Cove at Point Lobos

Close to Paradise Sand Dunes Low Waves

Foamy Water An Early Attempt Moonlight and Ripples

Pretty, but what is it?

Waves World is a program for simulating waves. You give it a height map of the terrain, specify where sea level should be, create some wave fronts, then let it work. It produces another height map which describes the waves. You can then use KPT Bryce to render the scene in all its glory.

Look at the Sandy Beach image or the Budding Demo to see how this works.

How is this different from what KPT Bryce does?

The standard way to make waves in Bryce is to use a material. Unfortunately, the material has no way to interract with shorelines or know about the depth of the water. The Bryce materials do not look right when you look at an intersection between water and another object.

How do I get it and how much does it cost?

Waves World is shareware and costs $10.

You can get it here. Waves world requires either a Macintosh with PowerPC or a 68k based Macintosh with a floating point unit.

Choose one of the following to download Waves World:

Download Waves World (533k)from ftp://ftp.blueneptune.com/pub/users/nospam/wavesworld/WavesWorld1.1.hqx.

Or for a faster download (which may cause problems) use Waves World (400k)from ftp://ftp.blueneptune.com/pub/users/nospam/wavesworld/WavesWorld1.1.sit.bin.

Only $10? Surely it is worth more than that...

I am willing to accept more.

What about a version for Windows?

The straight dope: I have twice arranged with people to have Waves World ported to Windows, and both times the other person vanished without a trace. I will do a Windows version, but it is not a priority for me - expect it by the end of the century.

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Created by Mark L. Hessenflow
E-Mail: bab@hknot.com
San José
1. April 1999