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Links I Like and Pages I Wrote

Bay Area Backcountry - Places to Hike and Camp in the San Francisco Bay Area
Bay Area Flora and Fauna - Plants and Animals in the San Francisco Bay Area
Where to Walk Your Pets - Take Your Dog for a Walk on the Wild Side
Waves World - Generate Realistic Waves for Rendering
Some of my Photographs and Drawings
What Have I Done?!?
Collective Terms for Animals
A Collection of Quotes
Meanderings of a Crank - A Little About Me

Meanderings of a Crank

Oh, sure, we can do the obvious stuff here - lists of favorite things:

Favorite writers:

Favorite musicians: Favorite artists (non-musical): Favorite monastery: Favorite person I have never met:

But where does that get us? Nowhere. Think about a photograph of a person - it shows us what the person looked like during one-sixtieth of a second of that person's life. One-sixtieth of a second? Insignificant.

Look around the web at all the homepages. In each you get a small glimpse into the mind of an incredibly complex person. You will never get the complete picture.

This page is no different in that respect, so here is the snapshot version of me: I am a thirtySomething mathematician/geographer. Some days I am an artist, although not often enough. I play the piano and guitar very badly, and sing even worse. I am learning to play a flute.

Created by Mark L. Hessenflow

San José, California
8. March 1999